Bärejagd Cham

Welcome to the starting page
of the Bärejagd Cham!


Solve riddles, follow the paw prints and get to know Cham in a new way!

The Bärejagd (= bear hunt) Cham is a riddle trail. In it you will chase the bear through Cham. It is an outdoor experience for friends, family, clubs and groups. This adventure is a combination of both digital and analog. By scanning QR codes you will receive the clues and tasks. On our postcard you can find the route, as well as space for the solution numbers.

The aim is to follow the tracks of the Chamer Bär. This bear is the on the coat of arms and flag of Cham. You need eagle eyes to find his paw prints and a sharp mind to solve his tasks to get the right solutions (always a number). At the finish you can open the treasure chest with the code formed from the solution numbers and stamp your postcard. Along the barrier-free path you will constantly find nice places to stop. You can always stop without any problems and continue with the trail later. Without any breaks it takes about one and a half hours.

The Bärejagd is the Matura project of Charlotte Dawson-Townsend and is supported by Cham Tourism.

Sources: Cham Tourism and www.chamapedia.ch


Competition: Write your name, e-mail address and phone number on the stamped postcard and send it to Cham Tourismus, 6330 Cham (no street) or hand it in at the library by April 30, 2022. We are giving away one 20-Frank voucher for each of the following restaurants that line the route of the Bärejagd: Bistro Lorze, Café Luzia, Café Plaza, Steirereck, Raben, Bistro, Minigolf, Villa Villette, Krone, Rössli, Schiess, Umami.



— At the library Cham
— pick up your postcard in front of the entrance

1.5h to 2.5h
(depending on the number of breaks)

Language: German or English

To bring along:
— A smartphone with access to mobile data
— A pen
— A sense of adventure!

The trail is free of charge.
The path is barrier-free.

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Route plan
Postcard (A4 Print)